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Hill Place

Welcome to Hill Place, our farm in Acworth, NH.

Hello!  We're Dave and Betsy and this is a page about our farm in Acworth New Hampshire.  We moved here from Vermont in 2019 and began working on building a Christmas Tree farm on our 66 acres. 

Currently we raise USDA inspected beef and pork, farm fresh eggs and whole roasting chickens starting in June 2023.  We market these from our farm and at the Newport Farmers Market (Fridays 3-6 PM on the green in Newport).

We host our Daughter's cut flowers enterprise, Daisy Acres. Go to our Products page to find out how you can buy some!

Our operation is still new and growing, but we have exciting things planned for the future! Here is a list 

  • Christmas trees!  We began planting Christmas trees in 2020 and hope we will begin selling in about 5 years.

  • Sleigh Rides and Wagon rides! We have two Suffolk Punch (draft horse) fillies that we are in the process of training. Once they are grown, they will take over some of the tractor work on our farm as well as providing sleigh and wagon rides to visitors at Christmas time.

  • Coopered Pots! We make coopered flower pots, and in the future will sell these with strawberry plants, flower plants, or just by themselves! 

Hope to see you at Hill Place!


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