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View from the Farm: June 2023

We are getting ready to build! Our list of needed outbuildings has done nothing but grow since we moved in. A new barn, a sugar house, a machinery shed, new foundation for farm store, new parking lot, coopering shop. We just got one step closer to all of this with an exciting new addition to the farm that will help us get it done!

Dave's New Toy (which will help us expand our operations with new infrastructure)

Maple Ham & Cheddar Sliders

From: Noah Langford

Delicious use of leftover ham. Great finger food/appetizer perfect for parties or picnics!


  • 12 thick slices of Hill Place Ham (cooked)

  • 1/4 cup Maple Syrup

  • 12 1/4in slices of white cheddar cheese

  • full package of King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls


  1. Heat up ham slices in a frying pan

  2. When the pan is hot, add the syrup by drizzling over the ham

  3. Continue cooking until the syrup has cooked down and is very thick and glazing the ham

  4. Open up the rolls, add a slice of cheese to each.

  5. Put hot glazed ham into the cheese rolls and top with the top half of the rolls

  6. Serve warm, or if needed you can heat the assembled slider in the oven

It's Time for Haying!

Summer is short in New England, and it can only mean one thing: the rush to get in as much hay as possible before winter comes again. We got our old Massey running just in time for our first cutting. Our goal this year is to produce enough hay off our land that we don't need to buy any in, but we've got a lot of animals to feed so getting all of that cut, raked, tedded, and baled between the rain will be a challenge!

Upcoming Projects

Farmer's Market Season

We've been back at the Newport Farmer's Market for a few weeks now. This year we have all kinds of goodies: farm fresh beef and pork, fresh eggs, art prints and notecards, insulated grocery bags, and cut flowers.

The Aforementioned Building Prep

The barn that came with our property is... not everything we'd like in a barn. We hope to soon break ground on a brand new one. We've been hard at work designing it to accommodate everything we need; animal housing, hay storage, workshops and maybe even a space for farm dinners in the future.

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