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View from the Farm: April, 2023

You've heard of Christmas in July, but what about Christmas in April?

That's right, our Christmas tree fields are expanding! Brand new baby Balsam and Douglas Firs will be going into the ground this week and next. We'll be back-filling places where previous trees were lost to deer. We're still a few years out, but we can't wait to have fresh cut Christmas trees to offer our customers.

Each of those flags is a baby tree!

Mother's Day

Mother's day is just around the corner, but we've got a few ideas if you are still in need of gifts:

  • Classic breakfast in-bed; we've got fresh eggs, bacon, and ground pork for sausage to help you put it together!

  • Save your mom a few trips to the grocery store with one of our butcher boxes-- email us for more information

  • Flowers; tulip bunches will be available soon (hopefully for the day!). Want more flower variety? you could always buy your mom a Daisy Acres Gift card to cover a bouquet later in the season! email Amber at for more info.

Welcome to Tilly!

We are very excited to announce that we have brought home our second Suffolk Punch filly. Tilly was bred in Pennsylvania, and is just a year old. We made the exciting journey down to pick her up with our youngest daughter and granddaughter a couple of weeks ago.

She has a lot of "spunk," and we're

currently working on getting her settled in and used to Holly.

Hopefully we can begin breaking these two as team very soon!

Upcoming Projects

Greenhouse and Flowering Strawberries:

One longstanding to-do list item we're working on is installing a greenhouse. What will we grow in the greenhouse? We're glad you asked! This week 100 Mara De Bois Strawberry plants are due to arrive, and with any luck the greenhouse will help them to be bushy and blooming by the start of farmer's market season.

Harness Order

While we were in Pennsylvania picking up Tilly, we also were able to bring our old model harness to the harness maker and order two new sets. Holly and Tilly might still be babies, but they are destined to be working horses for our farm. We're excited to able to order custom Amish made harnesses for the pair of them.

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