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Hill Place Beef

We raise dairy / Angus cross animals because they are hardy, grow well and taste wonderful.  It is also nice to have fresh milk from our dairy cow moms!

We primarily feed hay we grow on the farm and pasture, with minimal commercial grain as a supplement.

We use a USDA inspected butcher with high quality vacuum packaging capabilities so our product will keep well frozen and maintain high quality.

This season we have ground beef patties available, in addition to "pound" packages, also vacuum packed and ready to throw on the grill.

Beef & Pork Bundles

Where to Buy

Come see us in person!  Or try out our Order Form.  


Check Out Our

Insulated Tote Bags!

They're the perfect way to bring home our products! Our insulated totes will ensure that your beef stays chilled all the way home! Only $5 a bag!

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